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Solar.Pro.Tool: Unlimited Project Types

Pitched Roof

Flat Roof

Ground Mount


Sawtooth Roof

Levasoft Presents: MapDrawer

Design any kind of Pitched Roofs fast and easy

... or design Sawtooth Roofs with MapDrawer

Fast and efficiently

Needless to say that Flat Roofs can be designed just like that

and there is No Limitation in Size or Outline

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Pitched Roof





Ground Mount

Calculation of Statics for every Mounting System

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Small Ballast Tray

Large Ballast Tray

Roof Connection

Project Design with Solar.Pro.Tool means

Linear Optimisation with

Aerodynamic Systems

Discover New Opportunities for Your Systems

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Project Design with Solar.Pro.Tool means

Welcome to

Safe & Easy

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With Solar.Pro.Tool reaching your target is quick and easy
Take ten clear and logical steps and your project is completed.

Automatic calculation and provision

After project definition and disposition, customizable CAD plans and a compelling static screen are available for your.

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All roof types and projects sizes

Plan flat roof projects with polygonal outlines. Projects with 5MW are no challenge.

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Plan from everywhere without software installation

No matter where and with what device you are planning - we take care of availability and updates.

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Our customers

Because of the high potential, most of our customers are manufacturers of mounting systems. You see a list of our customers above. A click in a logo will transfer you in their website.

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