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12 Min.
10 Steps
to complete your project.

We make the project data collection easy! After 10 simple steps all calculations are complete and a wide range of documents are ready for further processing.

90 %
of all plans
need to be changed

Prior or during the implementation changes often occur.
With the Solar.Pro.Tool every change is a breeze - even on site!

100 %
Your project will withstand!

We calculate your mounting system automatically - when everything is green at statics, you are safe and secure.

In less than 12 minutes to finished project

Our measurements have shown that a purely manual project planning, design drawing and calculation of quotation takes an average time commitment of 4 to 12 hours.

The Solar.Pro.Tool delivers optimal results

Times of estimating a substructure are over! With the Solar.Pro.Tool you plan economically and safely.

Take advantage of our 360 ° approach

Reduce your planning tools and take the full benefit of the resulting potential - as we provide the right solution for it!

Quite simply, safely and easily

With the Solar.Pro.Tool you will complete quickly and easily your projects. Ten clear and logical steps will lead you to your completed project.

All standard and free roof-forms

Software should never limit your requirements. This is particualy the case if you have to design on polygonal roofs!

Fastest resulsts with MapDrawer

You never have designed as fast and as comfortable as with MapDrawer!
DXF and DWG data can be imported and processed in the very same dialogue.

Technical approvals - of course!

The Solar.Pro.Tool is the first free planning software that performs all calculations according to the requirements of the German DiBT.

Exact calculation for each flat roof form

"The simple roofs are gone" -
We calculate your project on every imaginable flat roofs and accurately calculate the necessary ballasting.

Meaningful plans and efficient material list!

You decide how your assembly diagram should look like. You can also customize the list of materials to suit your needs.

You can select 2D or 3D

Use a standard transfer format for further processing in all CAD programs.
Of course, all components are on logical levels.

The native AutoCAD format

Import our DWG export for further processing. This format includes all levels and options and can be viewed immediately in 2D or 3D.

Split your plan as a vector and in levels

Our PDF documents are all high resolution and can be printed without any loss in any size.
The levels allow you to determine exactly before printing which components should appear in print.
Of course, our PDFs are open - you can further process in matching programs to your liking.

We are calculating automatically what fits best!

All rail sections are automatically and economically distributed by the Solar.Pro.Tool on all rails.
A printable and expportable plan makes live easy on the project-site later.

Accurate results with Polysun!

Access directly to the Solar.Pro.Tool on the outstanding calculation software Polysun.

Managed by you!

Assign autonomous and ad-hoc user licenses and manage license up- or downgrades.
Make individual user groups in order to strengthen the teamwork!

Comprehensive reports for your ERP planning

You can finally see beforehand what systems are currently configured. You can use our dynamic and meaningful Excel Pivot Tables and Charts!